You Are A Priority Too

Shift your priorities to find time for fun and learn to let go

There are a lot of times in your day where there are more demands on you than what you can possibly do. You only have two hands, but sometimes it feels like you need six.

Over time, us mums all develop our way of prioritising what needs to happen in that moment. A pattern I often see is mums tend to put themselves lower down on that list of priorities.

Here’s a reminder that you can, and should, be a priority too.

Finding Time

Time becomes a luxury when you are a parent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy time for yourself. 

If you keep looking at your life with an “I don’t have time” mindset, you’ll inevitably keep finding evidence of how you are lacking in time!

Ever been short of time, madly racing around and then something else really urgent pops up and suddenly you’ve got to fit that in too? What happens? Often you get it all done. You manage to fit it in, or you let something not so important fall by the way side. This is because you made that urgent thing a priority.

Having the time to do something (like ‘me time’) is never about time, it’s about priorities!

If you are not making yourself a priority, you won’t make time for your personal time out. You’ll keep putting yourself last and justify it by saying, “Oh, I didn’t have time for that”. But it’s not because you don’t have time. We always have time. It’s because you didn’t make it a priority.

Letting Go

So many parents lose themselves in their new lives, struggling to balance being a parent, working, being a homemaker and trying to juggle all of the demands of their lives. But where did all the fun go?

We have to stop this cycle of getting consumed by all the demands in our lives. The reality is the housework is always going to be there. We will always come across tasks that need to be completed and times where it often feels like it all needs priority.

Parents, it’s time to let it go. Start LIVING your life, instead of just existing and going from task to task.  Just because you became a parent and your workload has increased, it doesn’t mean you should stop enjoying parts of your life. It just means you have to manage it differently than before.

Life was never supposed to be all about dull, boring, monotonous tasks.  It’s about fun, adventure and experience.  Step outside of your rut over the next week and do something unique just for you – something that will give you a boost and a lift up to feeling inspired, encouraged and excited about life.

Plan for Fun

Deliberately take some time to have fun. Make YOU a priority today, because your quality of life depends on it. Make some time to do something that you LOVE to do.  Whether it’s with the kids, or whether you have to find someone to look after the kids while you do it. It’s time to shake it up and change your life.  Make it your intention today to plan something FUN in your life. 

What is it you would like to do that would make you feel amazing? 

Do you need a new outfit, a new hairstyle? 

Could you go skydiving, go dancing or take pole dancing lessons?  

What is something that will bring you alive, make you feel like yourself again and remind you that you are a person with hopes, dreams and aspirations?

Parenthood is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have, but it’s not all of who you are. Nurture yourself and give yourself the attention you deserve. C’mon, you deserve a break!