Whole-Person Wellness

Balancing the dimensions of who you are

Whole-Person Wellness Program

A whole-person wellness program incorporates the 6 basic wellness dimensions: emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, and vocational.

What is Whole-Person Wellness?

Wellness is a popular buzz word these days that might seem to be based strictly on physical health, fitness and nutrition, but it is much more than this. It involves working with all facets of life, to keep balanced, healthy and happy.

There are six core areas of wellness that contribute to your overall level of wellness. To invest in wellness is to learn how to take practical steps towards making positive changes in an area of wellness that feels out of balance. Each dimension of wellness directly affects happiness, quality of life and life satisfaction:

Physical Wellness

Practicing the “Big 3” – SLEEP enough, EAT smart and EXERCISE regularly

Social Wellness

Connecting with others, and maintaining strong, positive relationships

Intellectual Wellness

Maintaining an open mind and curiosity about the world by being a life-long learner

Occupational Wellness

Loving and sharing what you do, whilst also balancing leisure time and work

Emotional Wellness

Being aware of emotions, accepting them and regulating them

Spiritual Wellness

Balancing beliefs and values to create meaning and purpose in life

The Whole-Person Approach

Wellness is the continual process of making choices towards a happier, more successful life.

But, how can you make positive choices for a better life if you don’t have enough knowledge about specifically what needs to change, or where to start?

The whole-person approach to motherhood lifestyle education acknowledges that you are multidimensional; made up of a complex combination of needs, wants, talents, skills and experiences. Teaching the core dimensions of wellness empowers you to make the right choices for you, and inspires you to take steps towards positive change.

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