Wellbeing Workshops

Be empowered to be more

Don’t expect to just be talked at

Our workshops are chock-full of engaging and practical activities.

They are deliberately designed to empower you to make positive changes in your life using real-world tips, tools and strategies.

Everything we offer is easy to start doing at home, even as a busy Mum.

Don’t see any workshops listed below? Our workshops are scheduled during Term 1, 2 and 3 only. Dates and location details are released approximately 4 weeks beforehand. Keep up-to-date via our Facebook page or monthly newsletter for more information.

Don’t Just Take It From Us

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Easy to Understand

All mums report our workshops are easy to follow and add to their understanding of personal wellness and self-care

Confident to Change

All mums felt confident to make positive changes in their life to reduce stress and increase happiness and control

Would Recommend

All mums would happily recommend our motherhood lifestyle workshops to other mum-friends or family

Workshop Topics

More Than A Mum is a unique wellness-based lifestyle program that has been running since 2015. We have successfully supported many mothers, just like you, in enhancing their journey through motherhood.

Topics covered by the More Than A Mum program include:

Who You Are, Outside of ‘Mum’

The Mind-Body Connection

Sustainable Self-Care

Making ‘Me’ Time a Reality

Happiness, Fun and Self-Esteem

Loving What You Do


Strengthening Bonds

Building and Maintaining Energy

Reconnecting with Nature and Music

Getting Quality Sleep

Healthy Nutritional Habits