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Paperback – More Than A Mum

Rediscover the Woman Within for a Happier, Balanced Life

When you become a mother, something fundamental shifts inside of you. Every fibre of your being is devoted to learning how to parent, and how to do it to the best of your ability with each challenge that comes along. You give up large parts of yourself to nurture and care for your children; mentally, emotionally, physically and socially. And whilst these are willing sacrifices, they don’t necessarily slow down as your kids grow.

Throughout this book, I will share with you my own struggles with becoming a mum to two beautiful children whilst juggling a career and living with Fibromyalgia. I will also provide you with stories of other mums that have faced struggles similar to yours on their journeys through motherhood.

But there’s not just stories inside; this book will also share with you the tips, tools, strategies and habits I have created and used in my own life to become more than just the role of ‘mum’. During my own struggles, I was determined to find a better way of living as a woman with kids, so I returned to university to study positive psychology and wellness. The strategies I offer you in this book have been developed either from my own experiences, or have been adapted from my studies to be easily integrated into a busy mum’s lifestyle.

Chapter listing:

  • Who Are You, Mum?
  • Unload the Mental Load
  • Mindfulness Matters
  • Refill Your Cup
  • It’s Time for You
  • Take Control of Your Happiness
  • Strengthen Your Bonds
  • Love What You Do
  • Energy Synergy
  • Bedtime Blessings
  • Nurture Your Senses
  • Eat With Your Mind

Total cost includes shipping, with bonus delivery tracking for parcels sent within Australia.

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I genuinely hope you get the tools, strategies and insights you need from this book to achieve a happier, balanced life as both a Mum and a woman.