Wellbeing Challenges

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It takes around 30 days to make 📈 or break 📉 a habit.

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The week before every month in 2019, we will announce a new challenge.

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Each challenge is announced 1 week before the start of every calendar month on our Facebook page and opened for sign-ups.

Challenges that have been run for 2019:

January's Compassion Challenge

become compassionate towards yourself and others, to improve happiness and reduce stress & anxiety

February's Self-Care Challenge

take the time to look after yourself for greater happiness, calm, emotional resilience, clarity, motivation & energy

March's Encouragement Challenge

lift up and support other women (particularly mums) for greater happiness, calm & sense of self-worth

April's Nature Connection Challenge

reconnect with the natural environment for less stress and greater happiness, calm, energy & sense of self

May's Happiness Challenge

bring regular happiness and joy to your life for less stress and greater resilience and energy

June's Restfulness Challenge

promote better quality sleep for greater calm, energy and emotional resilience